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My Story

Preacher Moss is the quintessential gentleman’s comedian. His style reflects a rare combination of the time-honored tradition of building a relationship with these audiences through laughter, storytelling, and connecting on personal and spiritual levels.

“Can Muslim be funny?” asked a member of the press. “How can a Muslim NOT be funny in the times we live in today?

Considered the Godfather of Muslim Comedy, Preacher Moss was remains the pioneering spirit that endeavored to bring the essence of Muslim community life to the mainstream, and continues to do so.

Remarked Moss, “You have two perceptions of the American Muslim, like that of the African-American, or Latino America. The first would be the idea that I need this society to validate my value. The second which is the truer model is that I already have parameters to help my validate myself, and thus determine my own value. In my case that value is measured in smiles. In that way I am a very wealthy man.

Preacher Moss is a veteran comedian period. He was the first truly successful Muslim-mainstream comedian in the industry. He still tours and brings a meaningful comedy experience to audiences as he “wants for his brother, what he wants for himself. (Sisters too!!)

A veteran comedy writer for Damon Wayans, George Lopez, George Lopez Show (ABC), Nickelodeon, and numerous other artists he continues to bring fresh and compelling comedy to the masses.

Moss been presented, and reported in over a 1000 media outlets including CBS Sunday Morning, FOX News, ABC, BBC, CBC, VH1 and a host of others projects.

“I am very excited to announce that I am in preparations to shoot my first comedy special tentatively named “Do Not Wear Your Shoes In the Wudu Area.
The title is based on what has become the most famous, and most recognized branded joke in the Muslim, and increasingly non-Muslim community”

The other announcement for the upcoming 2018 season is that I plan to do a one man comedy tour about my comedic religious experience and growth called, “Thank You Allah.

“In producing both of these projects, I feel that this is the perfect opportunity to stand on my beliefs, and the things that drew me to this religion as part spiritual expression, part comedy expression. It is a departure away from pure stand-up in that I am taking some steps back to recognize the many special aspect of my personal and religious life that have brought me to this point.